Monday, March 19, 2012

Perfect Sense

Let's be honest. I'm the kind of person where things have to make sense. Things have to have a reason. If I don't understand why things are happening and the purpose behind everything and the order of things, I'm bad to... umm.... fall apart. Temporarily fall apart. And most of my life I've understood what is happening and things have generally made pretty good sense. There have been a few times like when adopting and my Dad becoming a pastor and such where I've thought that things are little "not orderly enough." But usually, I've not been in the dark much.

So, apparently things don't always make sense as a Christian. I've known that my whole life, but I don't know, it's becoming starkly obvious now. I guess because there are things in my life that just wouldn't make sense to the world around me. Even to me, it seemed weird and strange, far-fetched and simply crazy.

Yeah, well, that's when God said very clearly a few weeks ago, "HEY, since when did I say things are supposed to always make sense when you're following me? Stop worrying about what looks good or what the world tells you makes sense." He reminded me of Romans 12:2; Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. He made it clear that following Him is more than songs on Sunday, Bible verses as Facebook posts, and all these things that are easy. Sometimes it just isn't easy. Sometimes it's just hard. People think I'm crazy. Even I think I'm crazy.

Now I'm not saying it means He's telling you to go bungee jumping without a bungee or something. I'm just saying that things aren't always clear, ya know? If our lives make sense to those around us then God is probably not working in us. When God is working, things look different. Crazy things happen. Things you never thought would.

If you are walking in the light of the Light and things seem fuzzy and foggy, know that God is above it all. It doesn't scare Him. Time is nothing. Distance is nothing. He swirls love and peace in our hearts in ways we never dreamed and right when we need it most. Life as a pilgrim in this world doesn't make sense sometimes, but yet, it makes perfect sense. God's sense.

Hey, P.S. Fellow Blogger update. Check out Josh Isaacs' blog at servant for jesus. It's about living a complacent life as a Christian.... or rather, how not to. Words of wisdom from a Marine.

Happy Monday! It's gonna be a good week. How do I know? Well, no matter what, God is on His throne. Glory.

Friday, March 9, 2012

People are People

I look back and think about all the people that have touched my life. There are obvious ones like my parents, siblings, grandparents and close friends. Then there are those further out like teachers, friends and acquaintances. There are those that I never thought would matter.
I've found that the ones who mean the most to me outside of my close family are those that I would never have dreamed I would have anything in common with. It is so easy to adopt the stuck up, selfish and honestly... lazy way of not getting involved in the lives of those that don't seem to have much in common with you. Even in church we usually hang out with those who are like us. Those who are well-dressed and have a nice car sitting out in the parking lot, generally talk to those who are well-dressed and have a nice car sitting in the parking lot. The outcasts stick by their own. The young stay with the young. The old, with the old.

I often wonder what we would do if we saw into the hearts of those around us. Just think. Maybe that lady you passed in the grocery store that you hardly know is in desperate need of someone just asking her if she needs prayer? What if that tough guy is really overcome with grief? What if that old lady sitting on the back pew just wishes someone would give her a hug? Have you thought that the girl who never frowns is afraid deep down?

I'm so thankful for a Mom and Dad who taught me something important. My Dad said, "people are people and that is reason enough to show them love." There is no one not worth trying to fight for. You may wonder how you know when to reach out and how not to be taken advantage of. Well, the Lord often shows you who is honest and who isn't. But honestly, being taken for granted comes with the territory. 

I'll never forget the many times my Dad would take time to talk to the one who seemed to be a waste of time to talk to. He hugged the one who seemed mean and I watched their heart break. He mentored the prodigal and I watched a heart change and a life of love for God explode.  

We as Christians need to realize that it's time to step out. I'm not saying join the "bad", but I am saying get your hands dirty. Take time to talk. Take time to listen. Take time to teach. If followers of Christ would open our eyes and stop looking at our lives and what is comfortable... we could change our homes, our churches, and all around us. We can't just say we love people and yet not involve them in our lives. The best way to reach people for Christ is to move past the surface and dig. Dig by investing in them and showing you care.

My friend Jason Church praying with a guy on the side of the road on the drive to Weslaco, TX with his wife Katie to be missionaries to the people there and across the boarder in Mexico. Talk about showing love! Just get out of your car and do it like Jason!

Jesus has called us to do more than occupy a pew or chair on Sunday. He has called us to burn like fire inside with the desire to LOVE people and guide them... just like He loved worthless old you and worthless old me and showed us the way Home. And what's even better... there are rewards... like relationships that last a lifetime.