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Why I Share My Good, Bad and Ugly on Social Media

In a very imperfect world it’s easy to want others to think we have it all together, that somehow we have figured out how to navigate around heartache, loneliness, depression, anxiety, confusion, pain, anger, etc. But we haven’t. Not ONE of us have. It makes me feel sort of weird even typing that, because I think about people I know who I literally only see their good side and I question, “Maybe they really DO have it all together?” I know that’s not true though.
Look, none of us have time to DO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:
- Eat a PERFECT diet - Work out 5+ times a week - Read a book weekly - Volunteer for multiple charities - Take care of the needs of every family member - Keep the sink ALWAYS empty - Never let dust collect (or dirty clothes, or algae in the toilet) - Keep up with EVERY demand of your job - Maintain the perfect budget - Stay 100% on top of trends - Spend adequate time with God and in prayer - Stay relaxed - Sleep at least 7 hours a night
You may do half of those or …

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