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It's Okay Though

It's funny because I'm not really sure if she picked it up from me or someone else, but Charlotte has picked up a new phrase. It's one of the dozens she learns every week in this season of tremendous brain development and learning, but this one has stuck out and surprisingly has become of help to me.  She now says it many times a day as though God spoke it to her to comfort me. The first time happened like this....
I was having a rough day. Everything was getting on my nerves and all the mess and stuff to do was crowding out my joy. To make matters worse, I dropped something on the floor in the kitchen and food spilled out everywhere. Charlotte (2 and a half years old) was sitting in her seat waiting for me to deliver lunch to her empty plate. I let out something like, "Dad gum it!" There was a pause and then she calmly respond from her seat behind me "Oh Mommy! It's okay though!" 
It's okay though. It hit me. How funny it is that my young daughte…

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