Friday, December 28, 2012

You Will Never Be Satisfied

Christmas has come and gone. Like every year it flies by in a flash. I loved going home to my NC mountains with Josh to visit my family. Pulling up into the driveway of my childhood home felt wonderful and yet so strange.

It was a fabulous few days. I spent most of it holding my sweet, 7 year old sister, Clara, in my arms. I have missed her so much. Josh and I woke up Christmas morning, looked over at each other and said, "Merry Christmas, baby!" It was our first Christmas together. Being surrounded by my family and everyone I love was beyond wonderful. I had all I wanted and suddenly it was time to leave.


How was your Christmas? Many of us received gifts... probably more than most of the world did. Most of us were surrounded by family. We saw people that we love and hadn't seen in a long time. The excitement, noise, music, wrapping paper, smiles... and then the back of your loved ones cars as they drove away or that dear house as it faded in the distance. I had never really known that feeling until now. 

We think that if we get this or have family nearby we will be satisfied fully. Once Christmas gets here I will have all I want, we may think. Then the gifts get old. The pumpkin pie gets thrown away and everything feels so familiarly normal... maybe dull. 

You will never be satisfied if you try to let the world and it's pleasures fill your heart. Even as Christians we believe the garbage around us. We smiled as we said that Jesus is the reason for the season, but we sometimes lived completely different words. Jesus is the reason for every season. He is the reason for true joy. Don't live chasing dreams that the world says are good because they will let you down. 

Just like those momentary thrills of life won't satisfy you forever, also your mundane days of life in January don't have to depress you. A follower of Jesus has no reason to be overcome with depression. There is always hope. God promises that. 

Live in joy. Be content and satisfied. That is how a missionary being tortured in a foreign country can still smile and sing praises to God. 

We have all we need as long as we have Jesus and He will never leave us. 

"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Makes all of those empty boxes that used to hold those gifts seem to hold a new meaning, doesn't it?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Life as the Wife

Josh and I have been married for 30 days. It has been a packed month of amazing life changes. We moved into our new home at Cherry Point, NC, over two weeks ago. Our house really began to look like a home when we moved in a bed, love seat, and couch. A few days later Josh and I took off down the road to Morehead City to find a tree lot off the side of the road. We found a healthy round tree at a dimly lit tree lot run by a man from Ashe County. He tied the tree on our car in a ridiculous fashion with thin twine. A few days later my grandparents and family visited to bring more of our things. They helped us fill our house. I enjoyed taking those couple of days to squeeze and hug my siblings. 

I settled into a routine at home and Josh at work. My heart never fails to skip a beat when I hear the door open at lunch time. He comes in in his uniform and gives me a kiss. 

We keep trying churches out to see where God wants us. Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church will always be home to us, though. There is no place in the world like it. I don't lightly say that... we mean it. It is an amazing place. We still look ahead to where God wants us here so we can get involved. 

Over the last month I have been amazed at how many things Mama must have taught me in my life. Over and over again I've been surprised that I knew how to do something because "Mama showed me how to do it." Each day that goes by, I am more appreciative for the way she didn't just do everything for me. She taught me... maybe without even knowing it, she taught me so many things. Daddy taught me so many things too. They really prepared me well. I mess up constantly and I am far from doing anything as well as they do, but I am not falling apart, and I thank them for that. 

Parents, prepare your children. The worst thing you can do for them is doing everything for them, especially as times get tougher. At the time I would have loved if my parents would have made everything easy for me, but now I'm so thankful that they protected my heart and yet let me decide what to do. 

My parents taught me and at the same time, they held my heart. They made it easy to trust them, because I knew that they wanted what was best for me. I'm so thankful for that. 

I am so thankful for my wonderful home and amazing husband. I had no idea that married life could be so incredible! I look forward to seeing what God will do in our lives. 

I do miss those beautiful mountains and I look forward to seeing them at Christmas!