About Me

Hi, I am Katy Isaacs. I'm a no one, made into a child of God because of the love of Christ. I have been happily married since November 10, 2012 and love my wonderful husband, Josh. We were a Marine couple until July 2015 when we moved back to our hometown. Josh was blessed to be able to serve our country for four years. Our story of love is a unique one, created by our Father in Heaven. We have a desire to bring glory to our Lord Jesus on whatever paths He takes us. I am mother to two beautiful little girls named Charlotte and Evelyn. I love deep thoughts... in literature, music, history, especially in the Word of God. I love people and communicating with them through writing, singing, playing the piano and guitar, talking, acting and mission work. I have a desire to encourage other young people to live in a way of purity and holiness. I love my wonderful family and my home nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. I couldn't ask for a better home or a more wonderful family and friends. Life with Jesus is more extraordinary than I could ever have imagined. Through the valleys and mountaintops, He is always good! I am so very blessed as I live life as a servant of Jesus Christ. Enjoy my blog and my story! 

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