When The Church Compromises

Why do we compromise our Christianity? Dad was talking to me about dates for a certain event at church and how the church has to work around school schedules, sports, dance, vacations... you name it... the church has to work around it. The Church is constantly compromising. Not only does it compromise its schedule, but it does so morally. We all act great at church or around other believers but then we wear... that to prom?? We say this at school? Why? Where is Jesus in our actions? Why do we somehow make it to everywhere else in the day but somehow by Wednesday night... we're too tired? Where are our desires for the Lord? It is something I constantly wonder about. Why is it that God's stuff is put on the back burner? Ouch. That hurt me when I thought about it.

I was looking at some prom pictures from some girls I know and I was absolutely mortified at the blatant immodesty of some of them. It breaks my heart that girls that call themselves, daughters of God would wear dresses like that. We expect so much out of ourselves in other aspects of life, but when it comes to God, our expectations tend to be so very low. I can't help but look around at the things we watch, way we dress, the way we spend our money, the things we say and wonder, "Why do we compromise?" Satan convinces us that it's okay. We separate God and life. We sing Christian songs at certain places (like church) and then vile and brash songs are played in Christian homes across the board. We compromise in dating. I fail to understand why teens (or any age for that matter) that have been dating for two weeks are holding hands, kissing and acting like married couples. We compromise in so many things. We put what we consider "life" before the One who gave it to us.

There was once a friend of mine who moved here to the "Bible belt" of the South. He once asked soon after moving here, "There are a lot of members of churches around here, but I have a question... where are all of the Christians?" Isn't that an eye-opening question? Especially here in the South, many claim to know Jesus as their Savior, but few really live with Him as the Lord of their lives. Those of us who are followers of Christ desperately need to raise the bar. We do not to compromise the Church and God for everything else.

Do you see how my mind can take a five minute conversation and spin it into a lengthy blog post? Ha ha! I just wanted to share with you what the Lord has helped me see over time. I have seen that we as Christians need to get a backbone and not compromise to the world. We need to stand up... now.

Thanks for taking time to read something like this that steps on all of our toes, mine most certainly included.


  1. I have been thinking about this a lot. After I talked to you guys last night, I just felt, I don't know... guilty? I completely agree with what you wrote, and I do believe the church compromises and as a church, we have gotten away from Jesus and righteousness. What concerns me, however, is we also seem to have taken it upon ourselves to "judge". It appears that we have drawn a line in the sand, and we condemn anyone that has not drawn the same line. I just keep thinking about the scene in the play where the adulterous woman is about to be stoned. Adultery - that's pretty bad (and something I would be quick to judge), yet, Jesus, the very one I am suppose to model my behavior after, says "Let those without sin cast the first stone." Hm. That really sort of slapped me in the face last night. Ya know? While I would not make the same choices as others, who am I to condemn them? If Jesus himself does not condemn, surely I do not have the right either?

    These are just things I have been thinking about since last night. I have really felt convicted about my attitude. In His eyes - gossip is just as unrighteous as other things. And I am guilty. So maybe I should be more like Jesus and just love on the people I have condemned. I should let my life be an example of Christ, and maybe get off my "holy high horse", and just pray for them and show them the same mercy He shows me every single day.

  2. Amen Michele you said it all! And Katy too :) we get so caught up in me me me that we don't even think about what Christ wants us to do or how to live.

  3. Thanks for commenting Michele!

    I just wanted to clarify on a few things in my post. You mentioned the adulterous woman. I wasn’t really talking about people like that. We should love people like that. People like her are brand new and repentant followers of Christ; they can’t even understand deeper spiritual truths yet. I was more talking about the Pharisees, the ones who say “I love God” and yet have little fruit in their lives to show that they do. Eventually we have to move beyond just “loving” people and expect something out of our bothers and sisters in Christ; I would hope they would expect something out of me. Anything I said about the prom dresses last night I would say in front of those that wore them. I’m not even talking about young ladies in our church. It is easy to get so wrapped up in “not judging” that we excuse unholy behavior. Jesus didn’t condemn the woman, but He told her to “go and sin no more.” There are a lot of Christians who don’t even give it a half-hearted effort to do better. Jesus expected more out of His followers that had been with Him longer. My parents expect me to be able to do more in math than be able to add and subtract. So Christians who have been Christians for years should be beyond the “needing to be loved” stage (we all need to be loved, but we should be stronger in our faith). Hebrews 6:1 says that we need to move beyond the elementary truths. Mercy is good, but God is also a righteous God. In the Early Church people were disciplined for not following God’s commands. Now we do nothing. In a way there is a line in the sand, God’s line and if we are saved we will have a desire to live in a way that pleases Him (we’ll all have our issues, but it should be obvious who we serve). One of the biggest problems of the church is that the expectations are so low. God has shown me that as my parents expect me to follow their directions, God expects me to follow His.

    I hope this makes sense. I appreciate your thought!

  4. Thanks Katie! I hope you had a good trip to Boston! I've missed you!! :)

  5. Katy thanks for sharing your heart on this issue. It grieves my spirit to see "Christian" women/girls dressing like the world...revealing everything for everyone to see. I wonder...do they just not know...have they not been taught.

    I recently heard a broadcast on Family Life Today about this issue and the guy speaking summed it up with this statement; "we dress modestly for the sake of the gospel."

    Oh how I desire to teach my girls to follow God's word in this area of their life. Thank you for being a modern day godly example they can look to.

    Love you bunches! Kathy

  6. Thank you Ms. Kathy! I too have a desire to see more modest and godly young ladies. I love that quote, "we dress modestly for the sake of the gospel." That is so good and true. My best efforts for God aren't even worth His recognition, I have so far to go, but isn't it wonderful that we have a Savior that loves us even while we "still have a long way to go"?? He is so good. Thanks again!


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