I went to Ethiopia in 2009 and again in November of 2011. When I was there the first time, the Lord revealed to me the real needs of the people there. Christians are persecuted by the 98% Muslim population and they are under much more oppression than we can imagine. I had the privilege of teaching children in 10 villages in '09 and 9 villages in '11. A few of those had never seen a white person! The places we went to were truly "the ends of the earth", or so it seemed. It was a true eye-opening experience. I love all missions, but I now have such a desire to help those people especially. Since I went in 2009 with my Dad and in 2010 when my Dad went, the persecution has gotten worse. Please pray for my dear friends there and for those that need to hear the Truth and accept it. I was truly blessed by our return this past November with my Dad and sister, Kandace. The Lord did incredible things and the churches there were encouraged and the Gospel was shared!

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