It's the life of peanut butter sandwiches, textbooks on the bed, old clothes for school, outside adventures at all times of the day, one teacher for all grades, the Bible welcome.... homeschool.

I went to the annual North Carolina Homeschool Conference this weekend. I haven't really mentioned much or anything really about homeschooling on my blog. But I can tell you that I love being homeschooled. I can't thank my Mom enough for the solid relationship that she has built between us because she stays home. My Mom and Dad have taught me that they want me to work hard and study and do my best, but more than that, they want me to have a relationship with God and a relationship with my family. Sports, music, grades, etc are not as important... nowhere near as important. They desire for me to work in the church more than stay home to do homework. They've told me to work hard, but at the things that matter most, which will bring glory to God.

EOGs are important, sports are great, friends are good, but God is more important. No wonder kids are leaving the faith; they've been told their whole lives that grades matter most or that dance comes first. God is just a side thing. My parents have shown me in the 11 years I've been in homeschool and really since I was born that things like Biology, Algebra, Writing, History are all great, but should be viewed through a Biblical world-view and come after the family and God. Homeschoolers are often accused of being "brain-washed" since they hear their parents beliefs more than the world's. But my parents have told me what they believe and then left the step of faith in the Word of God up to me. I chose to believe because I wanted to.

I have said all of this to say that I am thankful for parents that have put the priorities in the right order. This weekend has reminded me how blessed I am.


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