Clara, Kandace, and myself on Easter 2006
I remember when I was little, adults would say, "The older I get, the faster time flies." I just smiled like a good little girl and thought, It seems like a hundred years between Christmas and my birthday! How can they think "time flies"? Well, now I'm starting to understand what they mean. It really seems like I was just 8 years old, when I got lost at Disney World or 11 when we started the adoption process to get Clara. I was little. I remember sitting at the kitchen table for hours with Daddy, doing math. I couldn't remember my multiplication tables to save my life. 4 x 8 was especially hard (Yes, I remember that). And I know then answer now, 32. I would promise myself that I would never do any math harder than division. That didn't work out, by the way. I remember when I was upset that I couldn't read chapter books and when I couldn't stand writing an essay (my how things change). I used to be terrified of the stage, any stage. When I was 10 or 11 I used to be mortified in a restaurant when the waitress brought me a cup with a LID on it. That was the worst nightmare, because I thought people still saw me as a kid. It seems like I was just little. But reality tells me that I am going to 17 in April.

My siblings and myself last summer
Can you believe that it is already the middle of February? Well, actually I can, it has been a cold winter. But really, Christmas wasn't so long ago, was it? Time moves on and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. It's Friday, and most people like the weekend, but before you can blink, it will be Monday again. Sometimes I wish I could stop the clock and let those special days stretch out longer. The point is that we must use every day we have for Jesus. We have to remember each day and enjoy the time we have. I don't want to worry about being 18 before I've even gotten live 17. Each time I sing in the Praise Team at church, I try to remind myself that that is one less time I'll get to witness through music on that stage and I should give it my all. Every time we talk to a non-Christian and don't mention Jesus, time is slipping and we may be their only hope. I'm not trying to be negative, but we can't forget that we won't be here forever. Time ticks on, so we have to do all we can for the Kingdom of God. It is pointless to live our lives just for the relaxation we may get toward the end of it. I want to do the best where I'm at. If I'm writing, I want to write the best I can. If I'm singing, I want to try my hardest. If I'm playing basketball, (something I'm not too good at!) I would have to do my best, even if it isn't "my thing." Sometimes things aren't "our thing" in life, but we have to try because God could use that. We are doing a Passion Play at our church and there is a lot of acting involved. Well, I love to act, but I know there are some that are in it, could take it or leave it. They still choose to do their best, because it is an opportunity to serve Jesus in this very short life.

That was a rabbit track. But I'm glad I said that. These are my points, for all of you type "A" people. Hehe. Life is short. We have to live it for Jesus. In everything we do, whether we think it is "our thing" or not, we have to do our best where we are at. Jesus wants to use us if we could just get our minds off of worrying about tomorrow. Time is ticking and the Kingdom of God is coming.


  1. Oh! Katy!!! When is your birthday in April? Mine is April 8th. =D I love that post! It is amazing how fast things change! Time really does fly. Time flies slowly for me getting to FASA though. It really does go by fast but it seems sloooow. =D

  2. You are right about time taking forever untill FASA! :) My Birthday is April 19. Are you turning 18? I think you are older than me.

  3. No! I am turning 17 like you! So I am only...*pauses to think*...11 days older than you! =D

  4. That is SO neat! :) I can't believe I'll be 17! That seems old. ;) I'm really enjoying your blog, by the way! It's neat to read what someone with a lot in common with me has to say!

  5. Oh I love reading your blog too!!! It does seem old to be turning 17. It just that the number sound so much older than 16! I can't figure it out! =D

  6. Ah, then I'll be the same age as ya'll for a few days! I'll be turning 16 on March 26.

    I liked reading this entry, Katy. It really got me to thinking about how I need to be spending my time. Your posts are always so thought-provoking. =)

  7. That's neat Taylor! I didn't realize how close in age we all are! :) Thanks about the entry!


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