Life's Like a Hurricane of Candy

Tornado, hurricane, tsunami... other fierce weather storms. That has been my life. Spinning. Like. Crazy. Hasn't it been your life too? Life is just... wow! It's wonderful!! It's almost like the tornadoes aren't bad, and the hurricanes are raining candy and the tsunamis are made of Sun Drop... Okay, so that's a little far-fetched.

It's that time in my life when so much is ending and so much is beginning.

This past Thursday night I had my last piano recital. After a decade of piano lessons I sat there thinking to myself, "Wow, this is it." Yet, at the same time I was happy, happy that I was there as a senior. All those days that I almost quit when I was little, all of those songs, all of those Monday mornings practicing in my pajamas before I went to my lessons, scales and arpeggios galore and songs well learned. There I was... finished. It was an accomplishment. I wouldn't trade anything for all of those years of lessons. The piano truly became a friend of sorts. It lets me speak my heart when words aren't there. I'll always play the piano.

Moving backwards, I had my final viola recital two weeks ago. I wasn't very good at the lovely instrument yet, because I hadn't taken long, but I sure enjoyed it the short time I took it. It was something else I left behind.

Fast forwarding up to last weekend. My family and I went to the North Carolina Homeschool Conference in Winston Salem. I always enjoy that weekend at the end of May. It's just good to be rejuvenated by deep thinking speakers. This year, my Dad (Kevin Brown himself) spoke at a session. He did a wonderful job. I was so proud of him. This year I enjoyed it even more than usual because someone special came in to visit. Josh! I hadn't seen him in a month so I was excited to see him walk in the door last Friday night. I missed him so. We had a wonderful time together on Saturday and we returned home and he got to come to church on Sunday. Monday I spent all day with him and we just enjoyed time together with my family. Tuesday, after a wonderful morning together, we took him to Winston, where his friends picked him up to take him back to Cherry Point. Each time he leaves... or I leave him, it gets harder. I cry. But he is so strong and so good and when he tells me it will be ok, I believe him. God is with us even when we are far apart. I trust my Father for every day and week we're apart. I miss that man.

Finally, to the future! In six days my Dad, Kandace and I will heading down to Texas and Mexico with a team of 33 people from church. We are going to share the Gospel with the Texans and Mexicans while helping build a church there in Progresso, Mexico. I am so very excited. I also get to see my very dear friends, Jason and Katie Church who moved there back in February to plant a church. I have missed them dearly. It'll be better than awesome to finally see them again.

So life is just good. Well, it's not really life, it's God. God is good. No matter how life goes, He gives it purpose if you give it to Him.

My Mom and Dad just walked outside to go for a walk and you know what? I want to join them. It's a beautiful night. Love to all!


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