Do We Even Care?

Do we even care about what?

We have one life. Despite all of the "earthy" talk of karma and such, the Bible says that we live once. If you are a follower of Jesus, you live forever in Heaven.... But, we have one life to live in this manner on this earth. One chance to live it.

I was thinking about how much time out of my life I lose because I focus on myself. In the past few months I've seen incredible things happen in my life. I've seen God move in my life. I'm so blessed that I have gotten to experience this journey thus far. Yet, I wonder how many things I miss because of where I focus day to day.

I read in the Bible about Joseph in Egypt, David as king, Esther as a queen, Peter as a fearless leader... even people like Gideon, or King Hezekiah, or Ruth. God must have had super good plans for their lives. They must have really had purpose. Well, I just don't have purpose like that. I will never save a nation from starving, lead an army to battle for the Lord, I'll never save a whole people from destruction, I'll never proclaim the Gospel to thousands of people all at once... I'll never do anything close to those things. I may not. I may never do anything like that. It's probably a good thing if I don't do some of those things. So what? Am I supposed to sit back like a lot of other Joe's in our church pews and critique the pastor's sermon? I just live and get by?

Somewhere deep inside of us as followers of Jesus, we know that God has a plan for our lives, but we as a whole really don't seem to care enough to follow it or even find out what that is.

You may expect me to say that David was just an average shepherd, and Esther a poor Jewish girl, and so on and so forth. And you would be right, they were those things. But yet, they weren't. Here is where they were different that I often am:

They had open hearts.

They were ready and tuned in to God's plan.

David wouldn't have gotten to kill Goliath if he hadn't had to do the drudgery of killing a bear earlier. Joseph wouldn't have been second in command under Pharaoh if he hadn't been in command of the palace prison for almost a decade leading up to that. They proved that they were "usable."

Sometimes I think that I can become usable to God if He suddenly decides that He needs me for a project or something. Why can't I stay prepared? I may get the opportunity to tell thousands about Jesus or I may just be expected to tell that girl over there on the bench outside of Walmart about Jesus. I might just be expected to sacrifice to invite others into my home along with my family, just to encourage a hurting soul.

God's not going to give us a big job, if we can't handle the "everyday" of serving Him.

All of those "Bible heroes" were chosen because they had an open heart. They wouldn't have been the Christians that leaned back and said, "God must not have that big of a plan for me." Their purpose was what was ahead of them. Great or small.

God has a purpose for you. Don't wait for it to come to you. Go to it. He isn't hiding it from you. A good place to start is the Word of God... the Bible. I pray that whatever it is, whether it be easy or hard, great or small, we will do it with all our hearts.

I love you all! Thanks for reading!


  1. I appreciate this Katy. It speaks to me where God has me presently and I thank you for sharing.
    Much love in Christ,


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