Where Children Belong

Wednesday night my Dad was doing revival at a church, so the Praise Team at Mt. Pleasant performed a praise concert. As I sat with my sisters on either side of me and my Mom on stage, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even as I truly missed being a part of the team. Kandace and I sang along, allowing our lower voices to carry the alto. I suddenly noticed the most pure, beautiful voice coming from the right during one of the slower songs. The music was sweet and slow and I quitened my own voice to hear the voice as I turned my head to figure out who was singing in such a lilting soprano. My ears told my eyes to look down... into the face of my little sister. My little Clara's face was upturned as she stared at the screen on the wall with the words on it. In perfect, smooth pitch, she sang.

I had never heard Clara sing like that. Her voice wasn't the squeaky, immature sound of a small child. It was focused and mature. That was when I thought:

And to think she could be forced off into a Children's Program class right now. 

I'm not saying that a Children's Program is necessarily bad, I'm just saying that as I sat there listening to my sister sing, I could think of no better place for her to be than surrounded by all of the Body of Christ and singing praises to her Savior. Yes, her Savior. Not just the "big church" Savior.

In one monumental peak in a powerful song, Clara beat her leg with her hand and closed her eyes. She was worshiping and it was pure and holy.

I tell you this story to tell you that children in the "big church" is not a bad thing. Children don't have to be pushed off in a class with a bunch of sweet old ladies who are about the only ones willing to babysit them and teach them separately from the adults.... And where in God's Word are children pushed away from "services" anyways? Did Jesus say on the Sermon of the Mt., "Hey, um, Peter, Matthew, you guys take these kids and have church with them because see, I am afraid they might disrupt the service for the adults"? He never said that. He said, "Let the children come to me." (Matt. 19:14). So, is Jesus' way of having church not good enough? Of course it is good!

Children can and will behave in church services if you expect them too. They will worship right along with their mommy and daddy, if you expect them too. They long to be involved. How do I know? Because I was one of them. I wanted so badly to not be shuffled into a pile of children just like school because I was somehow unwanted in "big church." I even thought that the preacher preached different doctrine when the kids weren't in there... I thought it was a secret that all of us kids would learn one day when we were grown.... The "rest" of Christian doctrine could only be found in big church. Sounds crazy? I wonder how many other children have wondered the same thing.

As I watched my sister sing, using her gorgeous voice and listening intently to Scripture taught, I was reminded that children are a BLESSING. Churches, please, please consider letting your children into your services. Welcome them. You may never know the lasting impact it will have on their lives. 


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