My Book

I'll admit it. I love to write. Since I was a little girl, I have written in journals. Those journals and diaries are now stacked in a drawer in mine and my husband's bedroom. Each jot and tittle is precious to me, because they help me remember all that was.

When you love to write in journals, why not blog? So I have blogged for a few years now and have enjoyed every second. Well, if you love to blog, then why not write a book? So, after I got married I started this long journey of writing a book. It started out as pages of mess and unorganized confusion and began turning into something good. Slowly but surely to 70,000 words. Some chapters came easier and some brought me to tears and took weeks to pour out. Understand, that every word is true. It is the story of my life. Yes, I know you may be wondering what I could possibly have to write about, but I tell you, we all have a story. Mine is full of the deepest fears, beautiful childhood, lonely days, infertility, miraculous mission work, almost giving my heart away, saving myself for true, biblical love, and so much more... though not exactly in that order.

In the end I can say one thing: God was faithful every step.

Sometimes I felt like I might break. I felt like the road most traveled would be easier, but God rescued me and He guided me forward. He gave me a testimony with very few scars and taught me that a good story doesn't have to be one laced with regrets (though it can be), it can be one that is unbroken.

I'm so excited to tell you that my book, The Unbroken Road will be officially out and available on July 1, 2014! I look forward to letting you deep inside my heart and hopefully giving you a glimpse of God's amazing grace in my life. So if you have wondered why I've been such a lousy blogger these last few months, know this dear friends, I'm still writing! Here soon I will be right back here much more often since this will be my "go to" place to write it all out again.

I love you all more than you know! This book is for each of you and I can't wait till it's in your hands... and out of my head!


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