If I Have a Daughter

Girls. Now that's something I know about. For years I was the oldest of four, close little girls. One of those girls was my sister and two were my cousins. Now, we weren't always your typical Barbie doll and glamorous jewelry type of girls. We had some ragged spunk which involved long, dirty afternoons outside making large, fun messes.

My family adopted Clara when I was 12 years old. Daddy and Mama were pretty convinced that God wanted our family to be all daughters and no sons... until He laid Andrew in our laps and on our hearts. But for many years, it was just us girls. 

Though most of my friends and family doubt this baby I am going to have in a few months is a girl, I still wouldn't be too surprised if this baby were to be daughter. There is a 50/50 chance after all! 

How do you raise a girl? How do you guide her in the path of the Truth?

Just like with boys, I believe that raising daughters these days is harder than it may have been years ago. There is such a propaganda fed to women. Lies from the feminist community. These lies have been around since the beginning of time... ever since Satan whispered to Eve, "You can be in charge. You can be God." Certainly women shouldn't be treated like servants and treated poorly. There is a powerful truth much deeper. Women have a great and powerful role. 

If I have a daughter, I want her to know how valuable she is. A precious gift. Too many girls are seeking approval from others, but all in the wrong places. I want my daughter to know that she doesn't need countless "selfies" and hundreds of FaceBook "likes" to be special. She doesn't need a boyfriend when she is young and immature. I pray that she and I are close, but also importantly, I pray that she and her daddy are close. A girl who feels protected and loved by her father is usually satisfied with him being the one guarding her heart until she is given away in marriage to a man who is capable and trusted to protect and love her as strongly as her daddy has for years.

It's quite possible for my list to drag on for miles of all the things I want her to know, but what's most important to me is that she comes to Jesus and accepts Him as her Lord and Savior and seeks to serve Him daily. I want to be an example of what she should be, though I know I'm very imperfect.

I'm convinced that a woman can be strong and tough and still be gentle and meek. She can be opinionated without being a feminist. She can be beautiful without looking cheap and gaudy. She can be unique and still be admired.

If our baby is a girl, I pray God would help us teach her these things.


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