A Child is Born

One month ago today I woke up in labor and a few hours later I was on a hospital bed in New Bern, NC. I remember the tell-tale pain and my husband leaning over me as he stared into the computer screen by my bedside. 

"You're almost there. The contraction is almost over."

The next thing I knew the morning had become afternoon and a few hours later my daughter's cry broke into the air. I looked over my right shoulder to see Josh's weepy eyes. I nearly laughed when I saw Charlotte for the first time. She was the mirror imagine of Josh. I held her against my chest for the first time and rubbed her soft, tiny hand between my fingers. 

A nurse told me there was a lady from five hours away who asked to come in. Mama. I had never been so happy to see Mom and within a few minutes, Kandace came in. My whole family circled the bed and held my new daughter and I asked myself over and over if this was just a dream. Too good to be true.

The days later were wonderful and I treasured each moment with my sweet baby. We celebrated Thanksgiving around mine and Josh's dining room table. Our house was warm and full of voices and delicious food that Mom prepared. Mama and Kandace took turns staying nights to give Josh and me rest. Since then Charlotte has grown and it is as if she has always been here. 

She looks into my eyes with her big blue ones and somehow I know she knows who I am. I'm her... mommy. How is such a miracle possible? Last year at this time I was praying diligently for a baby and dreaming of the moments I am now experiencing. 

And now that it's Christmas, I caress her chubby cheeks and I wonder in awe how Jesus could come as a baby so small, so innocent. He was once a baby one month old just like Charlotte and He chose to be so He could grow and become the ultimate sacrifice. The fact that Jesus came as a baby has totally different meaning to me now. He allowed lowly, poor humans to be responsible for his well-being. So meek and so mild. 

Whoever you are celebrating Christmas with this year, treasure them and enjoy this time, because time is so fleeting. I know this year I am savoring every moment with my sweet Charlotte, because from what I hear, babies grow and they grow quickly. But for now I will cradle her in my arms and kiss her soft head and remember the miracle of not just my baby, but the baby born to save us all. Jesus. 



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