When I Meet the Girl in My Shoes

I guess it goes without saying that I have learned a lot the last 2 months and 2 weeks. Ever since Charlotte Rose Isaacs entered the world I have learned more than I thought possible. I suppose that is how most new mothers feel. Yes, I have learned how to not stress every time she cries, sleep while she sleeps instead of scurrying around the house tidying up, multitask and everything else new moms learn. But I have learned other things too, maybe because I live far from home these lessons are even clearer. Though they are sometimes painful to live through, I'm glad I'm learning.

I've learned that I want to be different from the norm. In this way: In ten, twenty, forty years I want to be the woman that 20 year olds like me come to and trust for help and for support. If I meet a young lady far from her home one day when I have a few kids of my own, a few years under my belt and tricks up my sleeve, I pray with all my heart that God will open my eyes to her desperate need for support. Because if you've read my book, you know how much I prayed to be here... when I say "here" I mean with a baby. Charlotte is a gift and one we waited for longer than I had planned, but now that I have her I am more thankful for her than I ever could have been if she had come to us easily. Yet, even though I have my miracle, I won't lie, I still live beside of a dirty, gray marine base with the loudest planes flying over our house 24/7 waking my baby, I am still a marine wife... a dependent of a US marine and linked to a military that is sometimes thoughtless, I still go weeks and months not seeing my precious family, I am doing this alone. There aren't babysitters or opportunities for Josh and me to ever get some time alone. Do I have any friends here in Havelock? No. And it isn't because I haven't tried. I had one and she moved to California with her marine husband. Church is the only place we go. Josh and I do everything for ourselves and by ourselves. It's the life we live right now.

So my point? I am living the life of a young wife and mother trying so hard to do this thing right. My house is a mess and I'm wearing spit up. But this is what I prayed for and I am so happy in a tired sort of messy way. :) But here is what I've learned: If I ever see someone who is in the shoes I'm wearing now, I pray I will be there for them in a big way.

Our Christian culture is self-centered. We don't show hospitality and we don't encourage the young man who's family is lost. That young man? He was my husband and if it hadn't been for my family supporting him, we wouldn't be married. If we only had the slightest idea the impact we could have on those who are lonely, lost, searching, hoping... whatever they may be. We could change their lives forever. I know we are all busy, but when are these people going to be worth our time and effort? I take back what I said about waiting until I'm older, I am ready to be a blessing now. Behind those smiles may be tears. If we would only stop to find out. 


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