A week ago today I said goodbye to my home of two and a half years. Josh and I had made it a home since November 2012. We had been married only five days when we entered it for the first time. We prayed as we held hands in the living room that cold fall day that God would bless that house. He answered that prayer.

We cried there and laughed there. I cooked countless suppers in that kitchen as the late afternoon sun streamed through the living room window. We prayed diligently for a baby there. I wrote my book at the desk in that house and the books were later delivered to that door. I went into labor in our bedroom and brought Charlotte home there. We grew and learned and lived in that house.

I can't say I "loved" the house for what it was. It was nothing more than a townhouse built exactly like the dozens around it and only meant to be lived in temporarily. Yet, a part of my life sunk into that place and something about walking out that door for the last time hurt a bit. That morning Kandace (who had come to help us pack and get everything ready to move), Josh and I rushed around like mad men wiping down everything, sweeping and moping one last time for the inspection. I watched all our worldly possessions hoisted up into the U-Haul by Josh. Then there was the inspection and our keys were handed over and it was... over.

That night, we stayed in a hotel across the road from our old house and Friday morning Josh went on base and received his final papers from the USMC. Let me tell you, Sergeant Isaacs was and is an incredible Marine. Those he worked with were sad to see him go. There are many things about the Marine Corps I could've lived without, but I will miss Josh coming home each day in his uniform, the way he rolled his sleeves each night, pining his ribbons... the honor and pride I saw on his face at the Marine Balls as the Marine Corps Hymn was played, I'll miss that too. I was proud when he brought home his Navy Achievement Medal he had worked for for so long. I couldn't be more proud. He served well.

We made the five hour drive home. I could hardly wrap my mind around the fact that we wouldn't have to make that trip again in a few days. I had waited so long and it was finally happening. The tiny town of Havelock disappeared behind me.

Once home we unloaded everything into my parent's finished basement and settled in. The excitement was contagious and Charlotte basked it the attention with her giddy laughs.

There are many unknowns ahead, but I'm so happy to be where my heart is. It makes me think, if it can be so good to move home where I've looked forward to being for only a couple years, imagine the excitement we will feel when we are finally in our final Home, the one we've waited for for a lifetime.... The joy we shall feel if we know Jesus as Savior and Lord... But for now, the journey here continues. 


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