My Life

It's been awhile. This goes on record as the longest amount of time in my 5+ years blogging that I haven't posted! Yet, I'm back! Baby is napping and though I'm surrounded in clothes to fold and a billion stuffed animals that need to be picked up, I said to myself, "Nope. Let's sit down and write something." So I am. Thank you for reading! 

It's been a busy few months. So much has transpired that I truly don't even feel like the same person. Maybe a little older, wiser, tireder, more thankful, responsible.... etc. It's been almost one year since Josh got out of the marines and we moved home. We lived with my parents for 10 months and enjoyed the time to be together. However, we longed for our own home and own space. The process of building and getting into our home was unbelievably stressful. I won't lie and say that I wish I could go back through those months, but my dad was our angel from Heaven and did so much to make the experience less burdensome. We moved in the last week of May. In March, we found out we were expecting baby #2. I was and am amazed at God's mercy as I have learned each baby is a miracle whether in or out of the womb. I experienced weeks of intense morning sickness which made watching an active toddler almost impossible, but my family was there to help, blessedly.  Last week we found out that this baby is another girl! Two November sisters! Charlotte is in for a surprise!! Life has settled down some and we are enjoying our new home on the hill. We take many walks across the yard to Nana and Papa's weekly though and would have it no other way. 

It's surreal to me that I'm finally where I always wanted to be. I'm married with a child (soon to be children) of my very own in a house that I can call mine. The blessings are uncountable. My life isn't fancy. I don't get to go and do all the things I used to, but somehow, that's okay. It's not always easy staying at home and living on a single person income, but it's worth every moment with my daughter. Occasionally, I mourned the loss of doing "big" things and being free to do what I wanted basically when I wanted and how I wanted. So I encourage single young people to live and do and let God lead you to do all the things that you're free to do for now while you can actually do them.

But see, for today my big thing was kissing Charlotte's toes when she stubbed them and giving her all of the Teriyaki chicken from my Japanese takeout my sisters picked up for me. (The latter was harder. Haha!) My big thing is looking over the side of her crib last night thanking God that He has given her to us to raise for Him. It is working on one small task at a time to equal something huge. It's the little bits and pieces that make a full, beautiful life. 

I guess this post sums up to this....Wherever you are and whatever you do, "work as unto the Lord." Today is where the journey lies, so live it while it's here. 

Okay, I really need to throw away that stinky diaper beside of me that I forgot to throw away 30 minutes ago. Till next time.....


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