Eight Instruments and Four Friends

The Lord must have smiled on us today as I just returned from a lovely afternoon making music and spending time with my dear cousins and sister. We basked in the enjoyment of the sound of two violins, two mandolins, two guitars, a viola and a banjo. It was truly so very fun to just start playing and singing.

I am so very blessed to have such wonderful friends, that happen to be my family! We wouldn't know what to do without each other! We are the same four that have played in the algae waters of our creek, trudged the snow laden hills, played Apples to Apples more times than imaginable, made mud pies with the red North Carolina earth, ran from snakes, drunk over-chocolaty hot chocolate, and lived with the knowledge that the other three are always nearby. Life just wouldn't have be the same without them. God gives us people like that to love and to be loved by. They are a prayer warriors. They are the best still; the best even though things have changed and we're older.

So I've come to say, be thankful for the Christians in your life, the ones that hold you up, put a smile on your face, argue sometimes, make mistakes, but love always and give. I am thankful for a Mom that loves me so much that she stays home to teach me the Truth, a Daddy who is an example of what a father, husband and pastor should be, for a sister that loves me even when I fail, for my sweet Clara Fu that reminds me of childlike faith with her humble smile, and for my brother that reminds me of my patience :), for my tall PaPaw Brown's deep voice that makes every worry leave my mind, for my petite MaMaw's red lips that always say something to make me laugh, for my MeMaw's patience, for my PaPaw George's love for music that came to me. I'm thankful for the cardinal I see out my window at this moment, the aroma of meatloaf from downstairs, the sound of little voices, for the books full of knowledge surrounding me, the laptop I'm typing on to tell you this, and the mind I have to send these words through my fingers. I'm thankful.

To continue my ramblings, be a friend to someone who doesn't deserve it. Appreciate the ones who still love you. Smile when you're sad. Love because He first loved you. If you're a child of the King, you're blessed. Be thankful. Now go hug someone.

I love you Taylor, Leah and Kandace. You are special and I'm thankful for you all.


  1. We had a wonderful time, as well! We love just chatting, singing, and playing our instruments with you and Kan! (I have missed it!)


    Taylor (and Leah)

  2. I love you too!!! We had a great time! Need to do that again soon!


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