Back from Mexico!

Where to begin? There are no words that I could possibly post that would adequately describe how unbelievable the Mexico/Texas mission trip was. I could talk about it all day and still come up short. I think I've finally realized that it is impossible to really explain and describe something that God does. But with that said, I'm still going to try.

The church in Progresso that our team put the roof on and helped build.
The men worked all week on this church. They put on the roof in unbelievable wind. It was dangerous and extremely hot. But they worked for hours to get the work done.

A packed VBS in Mexico!
The nights we went to VBS in Mexico were wonderful. One night we had 144, not including our team of 36! The Lord did amazing things and we got to meet and spend time with some of the sweetest children.
Miriam and Pastor Oscar's baby shower.
The baby shower was so beautiful. The team used our own money to by the gifts. Sweet Miriam was shocked and so thankful. Their first daughter didn't live from a stiffness disease. We had the opportunity to pray around them for the health of their son. The presence of the Holy Spirit was as strong as I've ever felt it. The voice of God's people crying out to Him was powerful.

My little friend, Amalia.

I became close friends with a sweet little girl named Amalia. She couldn't speak any English and I couldn't speak but a little Spanish, but we still became so close. She is such a blessing and I'm going to miss her.

VBS in Mexico.
They say that pictures speak a thousand words, but I have a million words. Between the building the church and VBS in Texas and Mexico, there were so many wonderful occurrences. Two people accepted Christ as their Savior and many heard of the love of Jesus and many more got to feel that love.

We were a team of 36 sweaty and dirty people for 8 days, but we got to be ambassadors for the King of Kings. We saw tears in the eyes of hard-hearted, joy on the faces of the broken, hope in the eyes of the burdened and Jesus in the lives of those who were once lost. In Mexico the people aren't "immune" to the Gospel as many are where I live. They are not used to hearing about Jesus and they are amazed that one would love them so much to die for them.

Every moment on every plane, every early morning, every tired moment was worth to see what God did. I'm sad it is over, but then... it really isn't.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you were able to go there!! It must have been a blast! =D Can you believe FASA is only 11 days away?!!! =D

  2. It was a wonderful trip! I can't believe that FASA is so soon! I'm so very excited!


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