Fine Arts Summer Academy 2011

The past two weeks have been a marathon. My family has been in Nashville, Tenn at the Annie Moses Band Fine Arts Summer Academy. It has been a packed two weeks of music and for me, acting. I loved it! There is no place like the stage! But as much as I love the stage, it is most important that I am there to bring glory to Jesus and use my gifts for Him. That is what FASA is all about. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and make music and act like we'd never been apart.

This video sums up the whole camp. It is one of the final songs from the Final Gala at the end of the two weeks. It is amazing. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, fast forward up to 5:10. Keep in mind that all the music (about 50 pieces in the whole show) were learned in only the time we were there at camp.

Half of the orchestra (it was so large that the other half played in the second half of the show).

Singing in a bluegrass band.

Kandace (on the far right) singing in a bluegrass band.

FASA is intense and hard work, but is worth every moment of rehearsal and practice when we get to the final show and see the bounty of the hard work. It is extraordinary. The Wolaver family (the Annie Moses Band) put it all together. They arrange all of the music, write the show and organize everything months in advance. I'm so thankful for all they do to inspire young people to make His praise glorious!

Time flew by and now I'm home, but rejuvenated again. I've learned and been stretched all to do more for the Kingdom of God. What a blessing!


  1. Oh I cannot believe FASA is already over!!! Can you?! It's so sad to leave everybody! I love that picture of you in the bluegrass band! It's so cute! =D


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