I don't usually post about my home life. And I honestly wasn't even going to post today, but I thought that I would tell you about my home.

It is the most beautiful place in the world (with the exception of a few Hawaiian beaches that are probably nicer... :)). The air smells of sweet honey-suckle and mountain air in the summer. Right now the grass is lush and everything is green. My home sets on a hill where there is a perfect view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We have a large garden of red earth that produces more beans and tomatoes than we could ever eat. And I perspire more than should be allowed picking its bounty. 

Sometimes if I listen closely as I am in the garden I can hear the rushing creek in the woods and a whippoorwill calling out.

In late June and early July we pick blackberries. June bugs buzz in the green leaves and we pick the juicy berries.

My dear piano.

A day doesn't pass that I don't sit at the piano and play those ivory keys. There is nothing except God's Word that brings me such peace. I love the guitar and the viola, but the piano floats me away and I love it (especially when it is tuned).

The inside of my home is more precious than it's beautiful surroundings. It is a place of love and peace. The sound of Daddy's deep voice or fast little feet in the hall. The aroma of hot chocolate in the winter and summer salad in the summer. The Waltons are on at 8:00pm and popcorn soon after. Devotions on the worn out couch and the goodnight kiss before bed. My creaking stairs up to my attic room and the quietness of a restful night.

I couldn't ask for a better home. I love the place I live, but I love the people that I share it with more. My three best friends are also my siblings and are not perfect as I am not perfect, but they are my family and I love them. At some point it became unpopular to like your family, but we don't care. A family loves when you're not perfect, helps when it's inconvenient, praises another, and just cares because they should.

That is my home. That is my family. And I'm thankful for everything on my little hill I call home. And mostly because God's presence is here.


  1. Katy...I love this post! You can almost smell the honeysuckle and the taste the blackberries! I am blessed to enjoy the beauty of the "hill" with you! You're the best!

    Love you!

  2. Yes Taylor is right with all she said about your psot. I found yolur blog becasue she follows me. Come on over too.


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