God Owes Me... Nothing

I was thinking about how much I expect from God. How I ask Him for things and think that since I try to live for Him that somehow He owes me. That I deserve it. Deep down I know that I am a sinner and that He doesn't owe me anything, but often I just don't think about that. Have you thought that if God didn't love us that He would still be worthy of our praise? If He had never done anything for us, He would still deserve our respect and honor simply because He made us and He hasn't wiped us off the map for our sins. As simple as it may seem... God didn't owe us His Son. Jesus didn't have to die for us. God doesn't have to take care of us, nor love us, or protect us. But He does.

I don't deserve anything. If I were killed tomorrow because I am Jesus' follower, I still wouldn't have earned God love. There is nothing we can do on this earth that will ever have "earned" us even a small blessing from God. It leaves my mind boggled to think that He is right and just, but He is also love. He chose to reach down from the glorious glories and live among us to die for us. Not only did He do that, but He now takes care of us!

My Dad made a point today in church that staggered my mind. "How many times do we say that we are going to give Jesus our everything and then we hold back?" That doesn't seem too profound, but it hit me hard. Because of this loving Savior's love I constantly tell Jesus, "I love you with ALL of my heart! I am yours. Everything I am and have is yours. I'll do whatever you want, Lord." But after that comment I rewinded in my mind and remembered all the times I had said that and then totally "fallen off the wagon." I said it and then I just didn't do it. It was dishonest. I am like Ananias and Sapphira when they said that they gave all they made off of the land they sold to the church, but they really only gave a portion. I say, "I'll give you everything," but then I whine about something that is so little. I am willing to go to Ethiopia, but am I willing just to hold my tongue when someone is rude? Those "little things" show our true love for the One who loved us and didn't have to.

The greatest blessing any human could get in front of us... the undeserved love of the only God and King. We must live with ALL of our hearts for Him. Easier said than done? Jesus said, "be perfect for I am perfect." We will never be perfect, but we can try. We can't use that as an excuse. And then, we must share the Love of God with those around us. Because it is a miracle.


Visit my friend, Jason's blog. He just posted an awesome post about sharing Jesus' love. It is well worth reading and is from someone who truly strives to live a life that honors God. Just click here.

Thank the Lord, He reached out for us!


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