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I haven't blogged in 10 days... and there is no excuse. I just haven't. Honestly, I've not wanted to waste your time with a boring and useless post, but I appear to be doing that now! Oh well, I have decided that my posts are usually "heavy" so I will just talk to you without a topic to bring me here this time.

Well, it feels awkward now (like how it feels when you see someone you haven't seen in a long time and after formalities you just stare at each other). Well, I'll tell you something personal to break the ice. Are you ready? I've felt OLD lately. For Pete's sake, I am four days in to being a senior in high school (homeschool). And I just feel completely OLD. Now, I know some may say... "Oh, child! I'm 97, you're not old! I'm old." Well, that is true. No! I am kidding! Really! But honestly, I finally feel... old. It makes me sad and happy. I'm not saying that 17 years old means anything, but for example, I feel like how you feel when you have been enjoying yourself doing some relaxing activity and you look at a clock and see that you have passed hours and it felt like minutes! I just feel like I've past so much wonderful time. But with that said, I still sleep with a baby blanket. Whoa! You didn't except that! Actually, I use it to prop my head up and it happens to be the softest one, so I use it. Kandace says, "Yeah, right." Maybe I'll get through this feeling old phase as I get older. That was like a pun or something. Ha ha!

I hear Dad practicing his sermon as I sit here. I love it when I hear him talking to the walls downstairs. It sounds like this week's sermon is going to be good. Ahh. I love it.

I must say to end this completely awkward blog post, that my life is wonderful. Not because of anything I'm doing or because of anything that is happening around me. My life is wonderful because I have been saved from a miserable existence. I'm really rescued. I live as a blessed slave to the ONLY God. The Creator whom even if He hadn't bought me at a price, would still deserve my life. But He actually loves me. He calls me His child. So, my life is splendid. No matter how old I get, I am a child. A child of the King. So I choose to live for Him. I try (but fail often) to love what He loves (what is righteous) and hate what He hates (sin). Because He loved me enough to die for me... I want to love Him enough to die to myself.

Friend, thanks for reading. Know one thing, before you go. You are loved.

Now, go find something better to do with your time.


  1. Katy, your writing is so wonderful! I know what you mean! I go through phases feeling "old" too! Do not feel bad about the blanket. I'm worse! I still sleep with a baby blanket and two bears that I was given as a baby!! I don't sleep as well without them! But I use them more like pillows so that's why! =P Your dad gives the BEST sermons!! I wish I could hear them every Sunday!! Miss you! =D Take comfort in the fact that you will really feel old when you hit 20!! =P


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