When the President Comes to Town

Today President Obama visited the high school a mile and a half from my house. He taxied right down the road that I've ridden all of my life. I didn't go see him at the school, but I watched him live on TV. Earlier today I road by West High and it was covered in people. The tickets to see him were sold out before I even knew about them. News reporters, the secret service with their cool shades, and police scrambled around. Cars covered every inch of space that people didn't. And then late this afternoon, he arrived. The President of the U.S. arrived in our little town. People were thrilled. Even those who don't agree with his policies couldn't help but be in awe that the most powerful man on the planet was in Millers Creek, NC. Days before his arrival, secret services checked and searched all the premises of West Wilkes High school. Everything and everyone had to be just right. The President was guarded at all times. Everything was put in order and then re-put in order... because it was the President and it had to be perfect. 

It got me thinking about how much work went in to protecting a man with a title. A man. People clamored and fell all over themselves just for a picture of him and just, maybe to shake his hand. 

One day we will see Jesus seated on His throne and the feeling of awe that many felt of the President in their midst will be nothing compared to the God Man before them. The King of everything. The Ruler of all things. More powerful than any President or Leader and more important than any man. Jesus is more than a leader. He is more than a man. He did more than lead a nation. He was killed. And then he rose from the dead. He lowered Himself to nothing, so that we might be saved. I don't believe that we will be able to stand before Him, but that we will bow. In fact, everyone will bow. All Presidents past and future, all Emperors and Leaders and Kings will fall to their knees and say "Holy, holy, holy." No matter what religion, they will one day call Jesus "Lord." But not all will get to live with Him forever. The ticket to Heaven is Him saving you by you calling on His name. And there is still time to get one. 

For Jesus, there will be no body guards. No one can hurt Him. He will call us by name. I believe that He will hug us and tell us that He loves us. Jesus will. Not some man who got elected to lead a nation. Not a movie star. Not a famous athlete. But Jesus who died and rose again and took our sins. He will. The President of everything will. Now, that is something to get excited about. 


  1. I Love your blog!! Every time I read our blog it inspires me because I know God is speaking through you!!

  2. Thank you Jason! That is the best compliment ever! I hope that you guys are having a WONDERFUL time down there! I'm trying not to be jealous! :) I can't wait to hear about it. It may be a short trip, but God can still do amazing things in a short amount of time! :)

  3. Great insight Katy! I can remember years ago on how I use to get excited about maybe seeing someone because of the status that this World gives them. But we are all sinners in need of Jesus Christ as our Saviour.

  4. Well said, as usual, Katy! Amen!
    Janice Lambey


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