The Day I Said, "Yes!"

This is a surreal feeling. So much happened since I last blogged. My life changed drastically. It began on Monday night. My Dad and I went to go pick up Josh in Winston Salem. Daddy took me out to eat before we got Josh. As we ate, we just talked, Daddy and daughter. Little did I know Daddy knew it would be the last time I would ever spend time with him with circumstances just the way they were.

Mine and Josh's reunion was sweet as it always is. Tuesday morning Josh said that he wanted to go to some waterfalls. I was pretty laid back about it, but he was set on waterfalls for some reason. So, we took off for the beautiful Cascade Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway that afternoon. It was a special place dear to my heart. As a little girl, my family used to go there frequently. We had eaten many a picnic there. I had ran down the rock steps many times with my sister and cousins.

Today was different. The sky was cloudy. The sky drizzled a drop of rain occasionally. Josh grabbed his large backpack filled with extra clothes and a towel in case we got wet. It did surprise me that he would bring a backpack, because we wouldn't really need anything in the woods and it would be a lug to carry around, but he didn't care and I didn't ask questions.

As we sauntered down the narrow mountain path, he asked me when we could set the wedding date. I chuckled and said, "Whenever you get around to asking me." He laughed and said, "Oh, I will one of these days." So I bit my lip and pulled the spider webs out of my damp hair. We crossed a little bridge, the bridge I used to skip across. We came to the waterfall and Josh jumped over a couple bushes and shrubs to get a better picture straight down the falls. I yelled for him to be careful. He smiled. We stood there at the top of the falls. The mountains surrounding us. Josh asked, "Is this the best view?" I said, "Um, the falls are a little prettier further down." He said, "Ok, can we go down there?"

So, we walked down the familiar rock steps. Josh told me to go first. He let me get a few feet ahead of me as he hung back. I gasped when I saw the gorgeous fall. I had forgotten how beautiful they were from when I was little. The water cascaded in magnificent glory over the rocks and down the steep mountain. Josh muttered how beautiful it was. I leaned against the rock wall. I let the wind blow by my face. I felt strange, though. Josh was acting nervous. I wondered if he might... ask.... no surely not. He stood behind me and we were silent. Just the sound of rushing water filled the air. Josh pulled me into a loose hug. The conversation went something like this:

"Kathryn, my heart is beating so hard."

I was so gullible. I said, "Well, we didn't walk that hard!"

He sighed and I leaned back to look into his face. His shoulders shook under my hands and his firm jaw was clenched.

He whispered, "I think I could dance to the sound of that waterfall."

I smiled and backed up to turn away and as I did, he pulled something around my back. A black box. My mind was slow to process, but I knew as soon as I saw his eyes fill with tears and him drop to one knee. I clamped my hand over my mouth.

He opened the box to reveal a sparkling diamond ring, but that is not what I saw. I saw his face filled with love and heard him say, "Kathryn Brown, will you marry me?"

I said without hesitation, "YES! Oh, yes!"

I tried to pull him up, but he stayed on his knees as he slid the ring on my finger.

There where I had once skipped about as a little girl, I was proposed to!

June 8, 2011

He chuckled as he said that the ring box was too big for his pocket so he had to bring the backpack and had used bringing clothes as an excuse. The rest of the day we enjoyed each others company. We drove to Linville Falls, and walked the wet trail. Even though the rain poured, each moment was so perfect. I reminded myself dozens of times that I'm actually engaged.

As we drove home down the curvy roads, Josh asked, "Ok, so I've asked you to marry me. Now can we decide when the date is?"

We talked about a date and then settled on it when we got back home to my parents.... The date? November 10, 2012.

The last few days have been wonderfully beautiful. On Wednesday morning, we visited my Uncle Craig, Aunt Kim, Taylor and Leah down the hill from my house. We sat around their table eating biscuits as they encouraged us. That afternoon, we visited the wonderful Jeffcoat family that had taken care of Josh for years. After riding the pontoon boat on the lake, Josh and Eric were busy fixing hamburgers while Sandy and I talked in their living room. Sandy said something that penetrated my heart. She leaned forward and said, "Katy, Josh needs you more than your mom and dad." As simple as that seems, it hit me like a weight. She was so right. She said, "Your purpose has moved from your home... to where Josh is. With him will be home." I can't thank her for saying that. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

That night Josh and I watched the fireworks together. I spent most of the time trying to memorize how it felt to be beside him, because time together was running out. Thursday came and we decided to go pick out items for our house. Seems early for that? It's military life. I have no idea if we will even have another opportunity to do that before we get married. We laughed as we learned more about each other as we picked out kitchenware. We skipped the coffee maker (as we both dislike coffee) and Josh starred at the pans as I drooled over the mixers. It was a wonderful day.... an exhausting day.

Josh and I talked as we rode back to my house. We reminded each other that our oath still stands: no kissing till we're married. It's harder than I imagined, but we both grinned when Josh said, "It's good, because when I get to kiss you, it will be amazing."

There is no room for error. God is in our relationship and we are strong with Him. He has called us to be a pure people. My first kiss will be on our wedding day. Now I just know who I'll be kissing!

Last night, yet again, I watched Josh ride away... far from me. I cried as I wished I was going with him. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was let go and walk away from the love of my life.

People may say I'm crazy. They may say 18 is too young. They may say that the military is too hard. They may say I'm too tied to home. But the truth is, that I'm meant to be Katy Isaacs. Why wait? I know what God wants me to do and it would be cruel to Josh to send him home to Cherry Point alone for months and months and years and years. I love that man with all of my heart. I want to be his helper.

I'm so blessed. I'm still trying to let it sink in that I'm getting married in 4 months! I have a wedding to plan!

Meanwhile, I will miss Josh. I will see him in mid August. I will look at my ring when I miss him. I will be strong in the Lord. We both will. This is an adventure and I'm ready to go. God is our guide! I'm so EXCITED!


  1. Oh Katy!!! Only 4 months away!!! Oh boy I'm glad I'm seeing you tomorrow because I don't think I could last much longer without huggin' your neck!! I'm SO happy for you!!! More happy than words could EVER say! You have inspired me to wait till after I say, "I do." to kiss my husband!! I think that's wonderful!! See you tomorrow!! Love you!!! =D Jessica


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