If Not Us... Then Who?

I've spent the last two weeks at the Fine Arts Summer Academy in Nashville, TN. I wish I would describe how beautiful and amazing it was at the Final Show Saturday night. Music like that is sure to be in Heaven. It was an overflowing two weeks of acting, music and beauty on a massive stage surrounded by wonderful people.

While I was there I there I was confronted with the question in Chapel by Alex Wolaver. It was something like this, "If we of all people can't create beautiful or incredible artwork of music, then who can? We have access to the Source of all creativity." He also mentioned that we sit by our lonesome writing shallow songs that have been written a hundred times over, and we only tweak the tune a bit.

I was immediately amazed at the truth of the statement. I often excuse Christian's silly, corny, and shallow production of anything because I somehow think that if the "world" didn't do it, then it isn't as good. It doesn't matter if it is sports, music, dance, architect or really anything else.

Why is it that non-Christians are known for their incredible ability to play this, sing that way, or create amazing things? We as children of God are the ones that need to be doing the excellent things. When I say that, my mind reminds me that "I'm nowhere extraordinary" but that is false. It is not the circumstances or environment. You can be extraordinary wherever you are. You are the difference.

Let's stop drinking from the world's pool of garbage music and movies and sports and literature and whatever else. Let's give to the world. Let's make something new. I want to be an outlet through which the Creator of all works. He has a never ending pool of knowledge and we could do so much if we would just reach in, dig past the surface and become tools of God. We have no idea how much we miss because we have our eyes on this world. We could become so very extraordinary, because of we have an extraordinary Father.


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