Africa, Here I Come!

After months of praying, weeks of preparing, and days of packing. My Dad, my sister and I are leaving for Ethiopia tomorrow morning! This whole process has been a roller coaster in my mind. But I am finally ready. I'm actually excited. I'm not just saying that, I really am. I'm also anxious, but I know that the Lord is sovereign and He is my Father. He'll take care of me. Paul said that to "live is Christ and to die is gain." So to live is great and to die is even better. Now, I'm not hoping or planning on dying!! But still, God is my Shepherd. 

I still can't believe tomorrow is the day. People ask and wonder, "why are you doing this?" They may even think it is neat, but they still don't get it. Maybe you don't. Well, here is my answer for why I go to a dirty, poor and somewhat dangerous country for two weeks. I go because of LOVE. Jesus loved me and so I love others. Sure, you can love by sending a check, but when those people see you in the "mess" it leaves them speechless. They see, feel and hear the Love of Jesus when you go to them. Mission work is not an option, it is a command and not just to those missionaries you support, but to YOU and ME as well. So I am honored to tell hundreds of people in a faraway country that they are loved. 

It will bless them, but this trip will bless us. It is great to serve others at home, but something about going to places where you don't get a shower for nine days and where there are Muslims around, make you stronger and more thankful. Those people really need to know that others are partnering with them. It isn't about Americans helping Ethiopians, because that sounds like rich helping poor. No, it is Christians helping Christians. They are not some "project," but brothers and sisters in Christ who need help sharing the Gospel in the surrounding areas. 

I'm honored and blessed. I am, however, going to miss everyone! I pray that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be thankful always not just on that day. I love you all and will see you again on December 1st!  I'm sure I'll have a boatload of stories to tell!! 


  1. May ya'll be blessed and a blessing on this trip! Praying for you! =)

  2. Thank you Taylor! I really appreciate it!!


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