A Mom of Noble Character, Who Can Find?

Today is my wonderful Mother, Pam Brown's Birthday! Today I'm in Ethiopia, but truth is that I'm writing this before I go to Ethiopia and have set this to post on my Mom's birthday! But regardless of when I posted this, I love my mom and she is completely wonderful. She has allowed her husband and two teenage daughters to leave for two weeks and miss Thanksgiving and her birthday. My mom is so unselfish. Many women would NEVER let their families do that for the Lord. They would want what THEY want. But not my Mom. I know most children say that their mom is great, but I'm not kidding. She has sacrificed and given more than any woman I know. She has taught me at home for years, has encouraged me, loved me, and given constantly. She doesn't take hardly any "me time," because she says that it is not about "her" but about God. Isn't she just amazing? If I can be half the mom and wife she is, I'll be doing good. I love you mom. I'm sorry we're missing your Birthday, but the Lord is going to bless you for letting us go. Thank you for everything!! I can't wait to hug you when I get home! 
My Mom and Andrew


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