I was looking back over the calendar of the last few months. As I was looking at all that has been done and all the things that have happened I couldn't help but notice my eyes filling with tears. Was I sad? No. Was I disappointed? No. Worried? No. I was amazed. I saw how far the Lord has taken me and how much He has stretched me and I was speechless. I've wanted time to move back a couple months ago, and now that I look back it did and I didn't even really see at the moment how much strength the Lord was giving me for each day, each moment.

The last two weekends have been busy with the Passion Play at my church. It is a MASSIVE  play, taking and over 150 people to put on. This year I got the privilege to play the lead role, beside from Jesus. I was Mary Magdalene and the play was through "my eyes" so to speak. Back in January I thought I would never be able to memorize all the lines. It seemed impossible and I didn't want to let the entire cast down by potential flubs on my part. But God told me constantly, "I have gifted you to act. Tell them the greatest story ever, Katy. You can tell thousands about Me. Do it. Do it."

I did it. There were countless times when the spotlight was in my eyes and I couldn't think of my line, but I am completely sure that it was the Holy Spirit whispering it in my ear at the very instant I needed it. That really happened several times and I can't explain it. Sometimes I don't even think it was me talking. Crazy? Maybe. No, I didn't do everything perfect, but I felt His presence. Kneeling at the cross in the play, I felt His presence. When I came to the tomb to see that Jesus is alive, I felt His presence. It was like a fire inside me. Was I nervous? Sure! I almost lost my cookies before every show, and I really believe it was mostly spiritual warfare because my greatest worry was that I would quench the Spirit. But Jesus is so faithful and He guided everyone's every move.

It is a bitter-sweet thing. I will miss it and I am thankful for the souls saved and the hearts touched... mine included. I put my script away today with tears in my eyes.

So, I am just amazed at God's hand in my life. Even things I can't really tell you. His miracles and blessings are beyond understanding. I'm just so blessed. As we come upon the Easter weekend I am just reminded of  the One who was killed for me. It's a true story, you know. He died, but the big part is that He AROSE. I know most of us have heard that all of our lives, but think about it! Jesus came for you and for me! He has given us the ability to call upon His name and be saved! Saved from what? Saved from our evil sins that will send us to hell. If you haven't called upon His name to save you, I implore you to do so. He is the only way to Heaven. He is life's only true joy. Nothing will ever satisfy without Him. He is the Savior and King and always will be!


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