My 18th Birthday

As of yesterday I am 18 years old. 18 years old. That seems too old for me. For Pete's Sake, I'm supposed to be 10 or something.

I'm 18 years old. Time flies.

Okay, by now you know that I feel old. I did have a glorious birthday all the way around. My lovely cousin Taylor, whose 17th birthday was just 6 days ago, gave me these gorgeous flowers.

They smelled lovely.

My family made the day so special, mostly by spoiling me. Who doesn't like to be spoiled every once and a while?

I can say that I have been so very blessed the last 18 years. I want to live every year I have left with all my heart and all my soul for the One who gave me the air to breath to even live another moment. He has given me life and the Life.


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