Mission Team Update #1

Mt Pleasant Baptist Church
Proclaiming, Teaching, Reaching for Christ
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Missions Update

After a failed take-off where the plane actually got off of the ground, we ended up back in the Dallas airport to be moved to a new plane. Some said it was thrilling, while others found it scary!
Church service Sunday morning went wonderfully and we were blessed to sing, memorize Scripture, learn and teach.
It was a Spirit-filled time.
The church behind the young ladies is ready to have the roof poured! 
It was precious watching Ms. Frances holding Oscar and Miriam's baby, Eli. 
Lauren loving on the sweet children. There were many children who fell in love with the new team members as easily as they had with the veterans.
There was a foot washing in Toni and Monica's group showing servant-hood. It was truly amazing and humbling to watch.
 We played ball afterward and had a blast!!

To sum up the past two days, we can say that the Lord has blessed above and beyond. There have been thrilling surprises, like a failed flight, but there have been amazing wonders.

Two teen girls accepted Jesus as their Savior tonight (Sunday night) at Bible school. The team has bonded so well already. We can only see hope and joy in the faces of the children as we hug them. We will rise early tomorrow to begin construction on the roof at the church.

We are so excited for this week. God must have so much in store. We are so ready to be involved and let Him work! This was day one and day two, and it was GOOD. 


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