Mission Team Update #5

MPBC Mexico Missions Update #5

 Salvations, tears of joy, paper crowns, warm hugs, and given Bibles were the miracles of this day.
The crowns of the royal children. Heirs of God.
Are there even words to describe this? Wonderful Toni, with sweet Daniel. Such beautiful love.
Weston was working hard on the roof of the restroom.
Miriam led Manuela to Jesus after Monica fervently prayed and invited her to the church. The whole Bible Study was in tears as she got saved. Amazing story of the power of prayer and relentless love.
Manuela saying, "I love you" in sign language.
The whole group at the Block Party.
Katy I. with Lea, whom had just gotten saved.

Geoff with Caesar, who didn't want us to leave. But the promise that others are coming brought him peace.
Where do I begin? How can I explain how it feels to bask in the power and presence of Almighty God? How can you explain how it feels to see a miracle? To see the lost found and the blind see. To see Satan lose. It is pure joy. But I can't explain it. Although sleep tugs at our minds, the joy of new freedom brings us awake. It brings us to life.

Today 5 came to Christ! Miriam led Manuela to Jesus (the ladies on the pew in the picture) in Mexico. Katy Isaacs led a little girl to Jesus, as did Katie Church with another girl and then Lauren and Lakyn together with another girl. Kim and Kristin also guided a girl to make Jesus her Savior. All of those salvations were at the Block Party which was wonderful. Jason did a great job sharing the Gospel. The many children enjoyed hot dogs and cookies afterward.

In Mexico this morning, the guys finished up some work on the church and restrooms. We truly enjoyed fellowshipping and encouraging the church people and hugging the sweet children. We placed cupcakes in the hands and crowns on their heads and when we looked into their eyes, we saw kings and queens. Their smiles proved that they were thrilled and felt loved. We were humbled.

These few meager words do not begin to scratch the surface of the things we have seen and experienced. This was not of ourselves, it was of God. He has been with us and Weslaco, Texas and Progreso, Mexico has felt the love of Jesus. And THAT is what it is all about.


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