Mission Team Update #2 (Monday's)

MPBC Mexico Missions Update

It was an early morning and a bright day here in Weslaco, Texas!

Ken was working very hard, along with Weston, who was behind him on the roof.
Jason led four men to Jesus on the construction site!
The ladies worked so hard smoothing the walls.
The lightning fast men.
And it is official! The "roof has been raised!"
Working on the el bano (the restroom).
Vacation Bible School in Texas with Kim and Renee.
Paula, Pam and Ms. Frances doing crafts with the kids.

This morning (Monday morning) the guys and a few ladies headed over the Mexico border in the dark morning to begin the task of pouring the roof. They found a quick rhythm and had the whole process running like a well oiled machine! The ladies worked to smooth the walls of the church for stuccoing later this week. We played volleyball with the kids and there was a wonderful Women's Bible Study with the Mexican ladies, who also prepared us a huge ad wonderful lunch! It was also a blessing to see Jason leading four of the Mexican construction workers to the Lord!

Tired and dirty, we made it back to the mission house and a few hours later a lot of us went to the housing project where the children bounded up to us! They hugged our necks and were overjoyed to see us. After lessons, music and snacks, several of the teenage girls and other children talked with some of the ladies on our team. Some really were beginning to show an interest in salvation. We look forward to talking more with them.

It has been a gloriously cool and breezy day, despite the forecast. God's mercies are everywhere around us. We are humbled by His love and though we came to show love, like always, they are showing us more than we can hold.

It was day 3 and it was good.


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