More Than a Play

I keep coming back to post a new blog and for some reason... I don't have much to say. This is scary! So I am going to let someone else speak for me and save you one of my rambling posts!

Please check out Justin Gourley's blog post about the part he played in this year's Passion Play. He played the Apostle John and did a wonderful job. He was one of the poor guys that had to wrangle me when I was playing "demon-possessed"! His blog post is excellent and described exactly how I felt about my part in the play as well. Read it and be blessed... Signs of the Times: John: Becoming A Real Disciple.

It is truly amazing how the Passion Play can make you see the Passion of Jesus. Even those of us doing the acting were left in awe of His sacrifice. Justin and I both agreed that kneeling at the cross leaves you teary-eyed. We could say "it's just a play" but it really happened... for us... and for you.


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