What Is He to You?

Since my last post was a comfortable... I mean, an uncomfortable one, even though it was on my heart by my Father, I thought I would lighten the mood and talk about something more light. Actually, this involves you!

God is many things to His children. He is a Father, Comforter, Rock, Hiding Place, Jealous God, High Priest, Wonderful Counselor, Friend, Redeemer, The Good Shepherd, Refuge and Strength, Bread of Life, Creator.... and so on. What has been to you lately? He is most often my Hiding Place and Comforter. He really is the One whom I run to and feel safe to remain in. When I think of Hiding Place I think of playing hide-and-seek. I used to love that game. I would be in a panic as Daddy counted down as I looked for a hiding place. I would look behind a door and think, too easy. I would try under the bed, too small. I would try the tub, too wet. I would finally find that perfect spot (like in the back of a closet) and sink down in peace. I was always the last one to be found because my hiding place was so good. It was peaceful knowing while I was hiding that my place was good and hidden. God is often my Hiding Place to a world that is coming after me like Dad and Kandace would do when we played. He is a place where my worries can leave. I worry too much. It is wrong and I know that. My stomach is the permanent residence of butterflies, or so it seems. But when I run to my Hiding Place, I meet the Comforter, the One who puts me at ease. He tells me that I'm safe. In Him, nothing can find me. Nothing.

So what is He to you? Please comment and share. What does He help you with? What word describes Him to you right now? I'm anxious to know!


  1. I would have to say Savior....because when im feeling afraid or scared or even ashamed i run back to my savior, the one who loves me so much and was willing to give His life up so i could eternally live with Him.


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