Happy Anniversary!!

I need to tell you about the two best parents I know. The father being my very own, Kevin Brown and the mother being my very own as well, Pam Brown. They are the best couple you can imagine and today is their Anniversary! They have been married 21 years and I'm extra happy they got married because I came along because of it!

My parents are unusual. They rarely ever fight. The way they act in public is really how they act. Dad and Mom support one another, encourage one another and love one another. They are a true example of how a husband and wife should be according to the Bible. I'm not saying they're perfect. No one is. But they always do one thing. Settle problems. I have never seen a cold shoulder between them. They may disagree but they always settle the problems. They realize that marriage takes three and the third is God. He really is the first because things are done through Him.

I say all of this to say that I love my parents. I'm blessed and honored to be their daughter. I wish them a very Happy Anniversary. The one thing that I wish they hadn't have done in all the time they've been together was getting married three days before Christmas!


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