Kissing 2011 Goodbye

Just one more day left of 2011! Can you believe it? It's been a good year. The Lord has done many wonderful things this year in my life, my family's life and my church's life. It has been a blessing. I've learned to trust the Lord in all new ways. I pray that you have grown closer to God this year. That you can look back and see that He has stretched you, used you and taught you. That is what our true hope should be for 2012 as well. So many things that we think matter in our future, really don't matter that much. It matters that we are following Jesus and that our families are. It matters that we tell others about Him. We should work our hardest and do all we do to bring glory to our Creator. We are so blessed. If we know Jesus, we will be blessed in 2012 regardless of whatever bad or good happens. There is no reason to live in fear or anxiety. He sees the beginning and the end and nothing that happens next year will take God by surprise. So, bye to 2011 and hello 2012!

Exciting news! My Mom has finally begun to blog! Today she blogged for the first time and I am honored to present to you the sage wisdom of Pam Brown displayed in Silver Linings and Such. I'm more than confident you will want to learn about the mother of a strange child like me! You may wonder what she could possibly have to say (and for that matter, what I could possibly have to say!), but the life of a homeschool, Pastor's family is more exciting than you think!


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