Today was Monday. Isn't Monday just your favorite day of the week? That was sarcastic. They are most certainly not mine. I woke up this morning to that most annoying alarm clock and had that quick negative thought we all sometimes have "I don't want to get up today." But I did. I put my feet on the icy floor and was reminded, like I am every morning, of how much I need a rug. I then walked down the same creaky steps I always walk down to practice the same piano I've had forever with the sticky "b" key. I went to piano lessons, ate at Chick-fil A (that was actually the highlight of the day :)), went the same old places I always go, studied in the same books, and am now sitting at this same old computer. I just lived Monday. We all, in fact, just lived January 31, 2011.

Life is like that. Most of our lives are spent in a routine of some sort. There are of course times when we go on trips, great vacations, or when there are troubles, but usually things ride the middle, at least they do for me. We can remember how blessed we are, like I mentioned in my last post, but it is hard to always be satisfied in the routine of everyday life. It is one of my greatest struggles. I am bad to ask my parents, "Are we doing anything exciting soon?" I know, I sound like a five year old. It's just that we as humans crave that feeling of excitement and joy.

My Daddy has been speaking on Heaven at MPBC the past four Sundays. Heaven. What do you first think of when you hear that word? (You may be wondering why I'm asking this. I'm coming to a point, hang on!) Do you think of Jesus? Clouds? Harps? Gold? Joy? We don't seem think about Heaven a lot, considering that if we are saved, we'll live there for all eternity. You may think about it, but I don't that much. I've been thinking about it more lately. I'm seeing that it is going to be more than clouds, harps, gold, and joy, but deeper and more beautiful and glorious than our feeble minds can imagine.

Life on earth is just a cycle. High mountains, plains and low valleys. It is never truly satisfying. Jesus is all that satisfies. Being in His presence ihere is just a taste of Heaven. As Christians we long for more of what we experience when in the presence of Almighty God. It will be Heaven when we can worship our Lord in perfectness. Mondays come and go and life passes by, but Heaven is coming. Something so great God has yet to show us. Then our hearts will truly be filled with unspeakable joy.

It reminds me of a fast tempo song we sing at my church:

Counting on God

I'm in a fight not physical
I'm in a war but not with this world
You are the light that's beautiful
I want more, I want all that's yours

Joy unspeakable that won't go away
Just enough strength to live for today
So I'll never have to worry what tomorrow will bring
Because my faith is on the Solid Rock
I'm Counting on God!

Heaven is coming and it will be worth living in the here and now. Don't grow tired of living the life God has set before you. The most wonderful accomplishments are often the ones we don't think matter.

*Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9*


  1. Thanks for the reminder "do not give up!" It seems like we have been waiting for our house FOREVER. satan has wanted me to give up many, many times, but then in just the right moment I see or hear something that reminds me, do not give up! Again thanks for posting that one verse at the end of your post. Your post was great and you could of left that off, but maybe just for me, that was added on. Keep listen to the Lord. He is using you in so many ways. Have a blessed day!

  2. I'm so very glad it encouraged you! That was its purpose. I can honestly say I've never been where you are with a house or had the responsibilities you have, but I can say without doubt that God knows exactly what is going on and what will happen (because He stands outside of time). When we think He is behind or forgetting us, His plan is still perfect and His timing is best. Trusting Him is the hard part. But when we do His peace is comforting while we wait. I'm praying for you! Have a blessed day too!


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