That special day when the bride wears white and she really is pure. The day when two become one for the first time. That amazing moment when you hear, "You may now kiss the bride." The wedding day.

From the youngest ages kids are talked to about the opposite sex. At four or five it's "Sweetie, do you have a boyfriend? You stay away from boys now, they have cooties!" About 12 or so, boys and girls are then told that the opposite sex are no longer yucky but quite good and they should "find one" to like. So kids try to search everywhere for someone to "like" and suddenly friends are making fun of them if they aren't hanging onto a guy's arm or if a guy, doesn't have a girl in tow. Kids are on a great mission to find a boyfriend or girlfriend and deep down they have no clue why. Moms and Dads give smiles and say how cute it is, but they too don't have an answer for why a 12 or 13 year old need to have that "special person." But everyone seems to, so that must be the way it is. By 14 the kids are dropped off at movie theaters or ball games to hang out with their boyfriend or girlfriend or if they don't have one to find one as soon as possible. They go from one to another. They cry in between. Friends are lost because of the ordeals and texts keep the problems in circulation. They claim undying love... for a while at least. Suddenly at about 16, girls and guys are usually in a "serious relationship" and all the little kids admire the "experienced daters." After all, they are really in love.  Depending upon college or life, it is all up in the air after that. The boyfriend or girlfriend might last, they may not. Sure, some get married to the person, others don't. But the dating game has finally twisted and tied you in knots so many times you're a little numb and you know how it feels to be kissed a thousands times by now. If that one was not the one then you go to college or get a job and wait until you are about 25 to try again.

Wow. Are you exhausted? What a mess. I am so glad I chose not to live that life from 5-now at least. But is this not the way it goes for so many children and teens? I am thankful the Lord shown me this is not the way to go. It tends to leave your heart torn and broken. I truly believe that the dating game is so dangerous. I want that wedding at the top of this post to be mine. When there are no regrets. I want to wear white and it be true. Kiss for the first time when God can smile upon it. It will be beautiful. I'm not afraid that I'll never "find that someone" because I don't have to find him, God knows who he is and will bring him to me and me to him. And I pray that my heart will be for him and all that is sacred for marriage will belong to us. These are my thoughts on dating and please understand that these are my thoughts, my parents aren't making me think this. They put the information out there, but I got to choose. But really, what is there to choose when all I see around are battered hearts and minds? These thoughts are so counter cultural, but they work and I know people who have made it through. People may look down on me or think that I'm weird, but that really won't matter when my heart is still intact on that special day.

If you feel it is too late for and you and you're a teenager, start now! Keep yourself pure from here on. It is so wonderful. Choose to wait, something we don't like to do, until God says it's time. And let's let little kids be little kids without the oppression of boyfriends and girlfriends. I'm still enjoying being single when I can serve God without hindrance. It is so very freeing.


  1. Katy, you are such a BLESSED Daughter of the King!!! <3

    I just wanted to share with you a bit of my own experiences in this matter. :)

    Throughout high school, I had a few boyfriends, and just like any teenage girl, I would always wonder, "Is this my One??" While these boys definitely didn't last, I know that God used those difficult relationships to define me, to shape me into the person that He needed to be most effective for His Kingdom. I will admit, there was a lot of heartbreak, a lot of stress, and it wasn't any fun learning all those lessons.

    But though there may be tears in the night, joy comes in the morning. :)

    At the age of 18, God brought him to me; during my FIRST semester at college, I met the Man I am going to marry. During our first month of school, he took me on my first-ever DATE, and he was splendid. His name is Drew Alan Story, and he is a VERY special son of God, a deep thinker, my Spiritual Support, a Music-Maker, a man that God tailor-made JUST FOR ME!!! :D *and he has the most awesome lumberjack beard you'll EVER see!!! ;D

    Since we KNOW beyond a doubt that we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together, we invest a lot of time in each other; we are inseparable. We pray several times a day together, we read the Bible together and grapple with what it has to say, we go to church together, we have morning devotions before we start off the day....
    We know that for us to keep that spark, that freshness that makes every day like the first, we MUST keep God at the center of EVERYTHING. He gives us Joy and Child-Like Love!
    One morning at church, God brought to our attention a passage in Exodus before God gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments. God called for CONSECRATION before he made His special COVENANT. God told us that before Drew and I can make our Covenant, we must have a period of Consecration!!! How beautiful is THAT??? :) Joyfully, we are following what God tells us, and journeying on towards our Covenant.

    I just wanted to share all of that with you, and tell you to KEEP GOING in the direction that you are!! God is SMILING on you, Katy, and has given you so much wisdom!
    And you're right, you don't have to worry about "finding" or "searching for" your Man, as the world puts it. God has a very special Man for you, and he is on his way even right now! When he comes, you'll know it. :)

  2. Hey Ellen! Thank you so very much! What an awesome story you have! Even reading it I can see God's handiwork! Thank you for sharing and encouraging me. You are a great example of someone who God revealed to you, without dating, that that one was "the one" and that is so neat! And it is also quite nice that he is a "Music-Maker" too! ;) That is important to me too! :)Thanks again for sharing your story! It gives me great joy to see ones like you who are in a godly relationship! :) :)

  3. Great blog Katy! Im glad to see that another teenager gets this. Youre is counter culture but its BIBLICAL! Thats all that matters....also, you have scripture to back you up which is important. I would like Kara and I to help other teens see this as well. Im blessed to have found the one who God has set aside for me. Ive learned that it is such a wonderful ministry! Whether they want to admit it or not, this is debatably the biggest part of a non-christian OR christian teens life. It seems that in high school, the person you are dating makes you who you are and it should not be that way. keep up the good work! :)

  4. Thanks Justin! I'm so excited for you and Kara and your desire to help others! It's SO awesome to know others who believe the same way. Thanks for the encouraging comment!

  5. Youre welcome! I always hope to help. Have you had a chance to check out my new blog? Its called Signs of the Times

  6. No, I haven't seen it yet! I looked it up on Blogspot but couldn't find it. Help me out, I really want to see it! :) :)

  7. that should lead you to it!


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