Love. One of the most popular words in this world. A word and emotion that ties the world together. Have you watched TV lately? How many shows, commercials, or movies are about love? There are a ton. If there wasn't love, the music industy would be hurting too. We all love people and things. People desire to love. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. The day of Love. I started thinking about love and I went and Googled the word. I got a plethora of examples of love. "I love chocolate", "I love my Dad", "I love the beach." We seem to love everything. But love is something with such a deep meaning. Yet we flippantly say it. I do at least. Kids tell their boyfriends or girlfriends that they "love" them. We tell people that we "love" a certain restauraunt and we say that we "love" God.

Humans need love. We like to be told that we are loved. How do we often greet others that we know? We hug them! 

We like to show love. God loves us. We hear this all the time. But really, He is Love. He loves in the most perfect form. It is never ending. We are made in His image, so we too crave love. There are obviously many forms of love. There is Agape love, which is brotherly love. Eros, that is the love between a man and woman. Philia, the love between friends or family. And then there is Storge, which is natural affection, like the love between a parent and his child. I say all of this to show you just how much there is to that simple word. 

But in thinking about Valentine's Day, I thought about the greatest act of love ever shown. The love that rescued us when we were going to a very bad place. We had done everything wrong and yet this Love reached out and chose to forgive. He even left the glory of His home on high to come here to the place He created. He didn't just come, He suffered and allowed Himself to be killed brutally. Then He rose from the dead. All of this for you and me because He loved us. He loves us. Have you thought lately about the fact that He didn't have to. But He did. Let's love others, but love Him more. Remember, that simple word is better revealed through our actions. Show Jesus your love this Valentine's Day.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8



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