My Daddy

My Daddy has been very busy lately with a big project, a dauntingly big project. A book. He has been working on writing a book entitled, Rite of Passage: Raising Christ-Centered Young Adults. Raising young adults is quite a topic and he has been writing with all of his power.

Even now as I'm typing this, I can hear Dad and Mom discussing the contents of the book. Mom has helped Dad tremendously with it, especially with the English. But right now they are surrounded with stacks of paper, pens and computers. He has typed and written and typed and written. Sometimes I'll throw in my "two cents" but I mostly just listen. It is so much to think about.

Not only has my Daddy been writing, but he has also Pastoring our church. And that is quite a responsibility. With all of this, it would be easy for him to put a hold on being a Daddy. It would be easy to neglect his family. But he doesn't and it honestly amazes me how much he still shows he cares. Yesterday for example, I was about to have a nervous breakdown, (not really, but I felt like it) about a ton of piano pieces I had to have ready by today. To make matter worse, a song had somehow been missed and I hadn't practiced it. Daddy was on the computer working and when I showed him all the pieces I had to have ready. I thought he would mumble, "I'm sorry" and I'd move on, but he stopped, grabbed my hand and bowed his head. He prayed for me. I'm not a crier, but at that moment, I got choked up. It was more than a prayer, but him showing me that he loves me and he cares. Today in piano went pretty well, by the way.

For the past week or so, he has put notes on Kandace's and my nightstands with Bible verses to read, that we would discuss later. He has played with Andrew and Clara too. He continues to show us that the book is not going to come before his family. I'm not saying all of this to put him on a pedestal, but to say that I do have the best Daddy. He is worth more than anything he could give me. I just had to share that. I love my Daddy! He is truly a reflection of my Heavenly Father.
I'm saying all of this and it's not even Father's Day! ;)


  1. Katy--I couldn't agree w/you more--you do have a daddy whom is a reflection of our Heavenly Father (even if he is my son!). I know he is equally as proud of you (like all of his children--my grandchildren). You are doing such a FANTASTIC job on your blog. I've been trying since your first blog to comment back and can't get it to go through--so, I'm trying again.

    We love you so dearly and am so PROUD of you. Look forward to your next blog.


  2. Thank you MaMaw! I'm thankful you had Daddy and I'm so blessed to have both of you for grandparents! I'm glad you were able to get a comment through! :) Love you!


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