A Blessed Church

There is nothing like a beautiful church service when the presence of God is so thick and real. That is what we had today at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. We learned, worshiped and basked in the truth and love of God. I could have stayed there all day. What a joy it is to fellowship and learn with other believers. We are blessed to have a wonderful building at the foot of beautiful mountains in a safe land. But what if we didn't have all of that? We had many come to the warm building on this cold January morning. But what if there was no heat? What if we lived in a country where such luxuries were not available? I wonder if we would have still pulled our tired selves out of those warm beds. And if we weren't sure that the place we were meeting would be safe, would we have been so willing to come? I hope so, but it wouldn't have been easy. God has given us more than so many others around the world as far as monetary things, but He still will give His love to anyone who calls upon his name and is will to serve Him. That blessing is available to anyone. That is worth more than heat on a cold day. But "to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48)." So we should be thankful for what we have and still be willing to share it with others. I'm thankful for a church whose heart longs to do just that. Such a wonderful service this morning with such wonderful people reminded me of how blessed we are. So, it has been a lovely day in the Father's house, but now I'm tired and in need of a Sunday nap. That is something else to be thankful for on cold Sundays in January... naps.


  1. I agree with you! The service was wonderful! God has truly blessed Mt. Pleasant with great pastors and great people who truly love the Lord. I am thankful for a beautiful place to go and worship and feel the presents of an Awesome God!


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