The World of Music

Music.... I was just thinking about that very vast word. Music. It's something that can make us dance for joy or bring us to tears. For someone like me that word brings me joy. I love what it brings to mind. I think of my piano, my viola, my guitar, singing, good songs.... I love music. I sing all day long. All day long, everyday. Sometimes I even try to dance while I sing (which is a scary sight). I don't see how I don't lose my voice and if I occasionally do I must whistle or lose my sanity. I play my guitar and piano every spare moment. I listen to music as I study. When the car door opens and the "ding ding" sound comes on, I sing harmony to it. I know... I'm a little bit ridiculous. I go to a music camp every year. I love it. It gives me joy and peace and draws me closer to God. Music is something I think all the world has in common. It is something that pulls the hands of all nations together. There are many that prefer sports or whatever else, but generally music turns something on in most of us. Do you turn your head when a commercial with good music comes on or hear a beautiful voice over the speaker in a store? Most do.

Music was created by God. He loves it too. He enjoys hearing songs lifted up to Him. He gave only humans the ability to sing and play. Think about that. We have a special and unique ability. Music taught to children at a young age helps their minds develop in every aspect of their lives. He loves beautiful music. But I believe He loves it only when it is uplifting to Him. He doesn't enjoy music that puts Him or His creation down. He doesn't like crude language or lewd innuendos. That, in fact, hurts Him deeply. He created music to be played for Him. Our music needs to worship Him only. I heard at a music conference I went to in November the quote, "All music is 'worship music', all songs lift up something." I want the music I play or sing to please God. Now I'm not saying that Yankee Doodle or Somewhere Over the Rainbow are bad... I'm saying I don't want to play things that I wouldn't play with Jesus listening... because He really is listening anyway. Satan uses music as a great tool, I believe. He uses the sound waves to travel the music he likes, music that uplifts him. So many fill their ipods with it and even though we think "its not that bad" it still fills minds with things that are not pure and true. We can't let our minds become numb to the music that is not beautiful to God's ears.

So, music is a beautiful thing... if used for God. It has the ability to tap into the depths of our hearts. He made it that way for a purpose. Lets use it to praise Him and let what we allow enter our ears make Him smile.  


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