I found myself this week with a horrible cold. Aches, extreme sinus pressure, sneezes to the point of nausea, coughing to hoarseness, etc. Okay, I've grossed you out. Sorry. We've all had colds though. You know the yucky feeling of a really bad one. While I was sitting in my room miserable I was thinking about how "un-blessed" I was. "I don't feel good, Lord. Is there a problem? I have things to do. Hurry up and make me well."

Meanwhile, I'm completing my study of World War 2. I think I literally know everything about that war. Whew. But anyway, I finally got to where the Allied forces broke through the boarder of Germany in April of 1945, after 5 long years of war. Behind the evil Hitler's walls were Nazi concentration camps. I've known about the persecution of the Jews and many other peoples because of Hitler's power and desire for a "pure" race, but I didn't realize how very bad the people were treated. Brutally murdered because of who they were. Million were killed, just.... because.

Then I looked at my friend, Dr. Black's blog http://daveblackonline.com/blog.htm. I see the faces of my friends, people I know and have met in Ethiopia. Below their faces are the words, "They are following me to attack. Keep praying." The persecution is mostly where my Dad and I went in 2009. My friends are in danger for their lives. I know we've all heard about foreign missionaries or persecuted Christians in third-world countries and all too often we feel sorry for them and thank the Lord we are blessed and for being an American. A sheltered American. Lord help us, if anything really bad were to happen to this nation, I'm afraid many would cease to claim the name of a Christian. But see, I've been with those people in the pictures, who are now under persecution. I'm their family, and I feel different now about their safety. They are in danger of their lives but continue to stay strong through the strength of Jesus' power.

So back to my cold. It doesn't look like a big deal anymore does it?  It is a cold. No one is chasing me to have me killed because I'm a Christian or because of the way I look. I'm sitting in a comfortable chair, in a warm house at a computer with Internet access, I'm not starving, I have cold medicine, and I even get to go worship, learn and fellowship with other believers tonight. Isn't that wonderful?! But the best part is that the God of the Universe sent Himself in the form of a baby to the earth. He lived, got sick, stumped his toes, was hungry, tired, and died upon a cross. A dirty, grimy cross, because He loves me and you. And I'm sad because I have a stuffy head? Really?

We have NO RIGHT to say we aren't blessed. We are adopted by God. And if you are reading this post and you don't know if the Savior has saved you, let Him! Call upon His name. This nation may be in a state of confusion, but God's people are in God's hands, not in the hands of America. I am BLESSED and always will be, no matter if I'm sick, persecuted, lonely or whatever our minds can come up with. I'm a child of God.  


  1. Dearest Katy,

    I am where you are at this moment. My heart goes out to our dear friends from Ethiopia. I see there faces and wonder what is going through their minds. Are they able to even rest at night with the thought of someone coming after them. Is there anything I can do. I feel helpless at times. But then I know to pray and go before our Sovereign Lord and call out there names. Write on Katy! The Lord is going to use you through this.

    Yesus Getano,

  2. I know how you feel Mr. Dale. I'm sure it is even harder for you since you've been twice. It makes me see with such clarity how much God has given us to use for His kingdom. We are so blessed. I am really looking forward to going back to Ethiopia, to if nothing else, encourage the believers there. Thank you for your kind words. I am so thankful the Lord sees fit to use me! He is using you too!


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