Journey to Virginia

I haven't had the chance to blog lately because my family and I have been visiting with some very dear friends in Virginia. We travelled to Dr. and Mrs. Black's home on Rosewood farm on Thursday. We fellowshiped and enjoyed the company of one another intermidst the beautiful woods there. We stayed in their plantation style home. It was amazing the stories the that Mrs. Black shared about the house.
That night some other dear friends from the Ethiopia trips came to have a meeting over warm soup and sandwiches. The Lord really worked in the meeting and many decisions were made with the guidance of the Lord. It was so wonderful to see some familiar faces and speak about Ethiopia, knowing they knew how it felt and feels to have a bond with the people there.
Yesterday we wandered the lovely forest with Mrs. Black. It was such a joy to spend time with her. Even though she is going through so much with her cancer, the Lord is using her in so many ways. She is such an unbelievable example and tool God continues to use. I find He often uses us most when we realize that He is the only thing holding us up. We really see how much faith we have when it is all we have to stand on. Mrs. Black has so much faith and love for fellow believers. I was honored to so spend time with her and hear her wisdom and advice. I love her and Dr. Black so very much... my whole family does. It is so peaceful being with those who love Christ and other followers of Him.
That has been the past few days for me.  They were wonderful and full of the unusual warmth of January sunlight.


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