A white blanket of frozen water has a way of pulling on the reigns of everyday busy life. I am so very happy God invented snow. My family used every moment of Monday and Tuesday to enjoy it. My cousins and I realized that the sledding on our hill was fine, but sledding down the driveway would be better! We tried it out and were overjoyed with the thrilling speed. And it was speedy. We flew on the icy driveway that made our parents fell the need to gasp and close their eyes.

My cousins and Aunt and Uncle, grandparents, and my family ate together Monday and last night. We built a bonfire and enjoyed the company of one another by the glowing light. Stories, soup, sleds, snow and smiles lifted our hearts. I felt like a little kid again as my goal of the day wasn't to prepare for some college test, but to eat January snow and build an adequate sledding trail. My heart and mind wasn't burdened by the heavy load of life, but of joying God's beautiful snow and the pleasure of simplicity.

Check out my cousin Leah sledding on our brilliant trail... Sledding with cousins! - Purlear, NC, WXII 12's u local Video - u local, Your North Carolina Photos & Videos


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