I Belong

Some have asked if I would post a video of myself singing at church. So at the bottom of this post is a video of me singing in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church's Praise Team concert this past Saturday night. It was such a Spirit filled time of Worship. What a pleasure and really, a true honor from God it is to sing for His children every week. I pray that He uses me to help draw them to Him.
"I Belong" is one of my favorite songs because of the beauty of the complex and yet simple truth that as children of Almighty God, we belong to Him. It doesn't matter the worries, failures, joy, or pain, we are still His... and He loves us. What peace that brings me.
I love singing it because I feel so very close to my Savior. But even though singing or playing before people is wonderful; worshipping the Lord in the quietness of my home while looking at the beauty of His creation is, for me, the most beautiful of all. Those moments when no human is watching and all is quiet when the Lord pours His love my heart is when I feel like I have been embraced by the Creator of the Universe. The Maker of the billions of stars, the newborn baby, the air we breath, and yet, my Father, who called me by name and gently whispers to my heart... you belong. Sweet Jesus, how precious that moment is. I encourage you, if you haven't heard that in a while, draw near to God and He will draw near to you. He loves you.

I hope this song brings you joy and peace.

Go to youtube.com and type mpbcworship for more songs.


  1. I love to hear you sing that song. You do an amazing job! It's so sweet to know that I do belong to God.

  2. Thank you! It really is peaceful to know, isn't it? :)


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